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who is elijah has well and truly pulled up their own seat at the beauty table, sitting beside some of the most well-respected and loved brands in the industry. This has not gone unrecognised. Our fragrances have been adored and written about in multiple publications, they’ve been discussed and promoted organically on podcasts and shared about in blogs.

We have compiled a series of moments where who is elijah has been praised by some of the biggest names in the beauty writing world.


BroadsheetMelissa Mason


“Love Le Labo Santal 33, but can't afford the hefty price-tag on the regular? This scent has similar vibes. I wouldn't say it's an exact dupe, but it's got that spicy-musky thing going on, with bergamot, cardamom, sandalwood and amber in the mix with a very sexy, lived-in feel.”


GraziaEmily Algar


“who is elijah is a boutique fragrance label hand-made in small batches right here in Sydney. Gender-neutral and cruelty free, the scents are like little time capsules; memories translated into redolence by founder Raquel Bouris. Haze is rich and punchy- an evocative mix of vanilla, pink pepper, clove and woods. It's an ode to the 70's- think big hair, disco heroines, neon lights and lucid colours. This is literally the opposite of a light spring floral, but beauty "rules" were made to be broken.”


MamamiaLeigh Campbell


“This is a new scent to my nose and I love it. as you might have gathered from the name it is designed to be unisex so it suits women like me who prefer to wear less fruity, floral scents and opt for something a bit more heady, but still clean smelling. Because it's so wearable it makes the perfect gift.” – about HIS HER


Gritty PrettySue Hoffman


“Being in the very fortunate position of getting to so many beautiful fragrances, it takes something special to really make me want to totally immerse myself in a scent. Who is Elijah was one such choice, and wow—so fresh, crisp and light, I just love it. It’s been the perfect scent for Summer, and I also love that the brand is Australian. You know it’s something special when you’re looking for any excuse to spritz!”


The Sydney Morning Herald

Do you wear a signature scent? No, I change my fragrance every day. Like my style, it depends on how I am feeling – I pick my fragrances based on emotion. Two of my favourites are His Her, a unisex scent by Who Is Elijah, and Ayu Souq perfume oil.” - Eleanor Pendleton for the Sydney Morning Herald by Georgie Gordon


Body + Soul


“Unisex and modern, this has hints of both sweet and spicy notes to create a trans-seasonal scent you'll keep reaching for.” – about HIS HER


Caviar Feeling


“This light and chic, clean perfume is perfect for those who want to smell clean and fresh but with personality at the same time. it's the kind of scent you'll want to spray on your skin, clothes and hair- everywhere, and everyone will ask you for.” – about HIS HER

Beauty CrewBriar Clark

Sweet, spicy and fresh, this eau de parfum captures the nostalgia of first times with a bouquet of soft florals and fir. Bergamot, violet leaf and cardamom lie at the heart of the scent, while musky woody base notes underpin this comforting and clean spritz.” – about HIS HER


MamamiaLucy Neville


“This fragrance is beautiful. Gender neutral and made by a small female-founded business. it's spicy ad sexy and woody and UGH. Spritzing constantly.” – about HIS HER


The Modern-Day Living Magazine


Who is elijah is an independently owned fragrance house that is rather new on the scene, established in 2018 who is elijah has been rapidly growing and defying conventions ever since. The brand dares to be different, demands attention and is cruelty-free, gender fluid and hand-poured in Sydney.

Here at The Modern Day Living we got our hands on who is elijah’s HIS HER scent and were absolutely blown away. The perfume is said to blur the lines of femininity and masculinity and this couldn’t be more true. Think sensual and woody whilst being spicy, upbeat and fresh. The perfume promotes a warm feeling whilst boasting a bold and independent front.

In addition to the fragrance itself, the packaging is edgy, minimalistic and provokes a sense of class. A perfume that not only smells insane, but also looks amazing on your bedroom shelf. It’s a yes from us.”


YUGEN Magazine


"What makes WHO IS ELIJAH Parfum stand out so much is the personal touch that Raquel puts into each product and the idea of creating warm and memorable fragrances. Raquel discusses her genuine love for the perfume industry and the impact that fragrances have on personal needs of luxury and comfort."



Skincare Anarchy Podcast

Our Founder, Raquel speaks with Skincare Anarchy host Ekta about all things who is elijah and the journey to building the brand to where it is now. 

Happy Hour Podcast- with Lucy and Nikki

who is elijah’s HIS HER was one of their organic recommendations in episode 159. Cheating Tales.

Beauty Biz Podcast – with Kate Morris

Our Founder, Raquel Bouris talks all things who is elijah in Adore Beauty’s Beauty Biz Podcast.

The Mr.  Consistent The Shake Up Podcast

Our Founder, Raquel Bouris talks about quitting her full-time job in a pandemic and going full-time who is elijah and all the moments in between, in episode 006.

You Beauty Podcast – with Leigh Campbell

who is elijah is organically recommended by Leigh Campbell on the 19th of September 2021, episode - ‘Can I laminate my brows at home?’

All Bases Covered Podcast

who is elijah has an organically dedicated episode to trialling our fragrances.












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