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who is elijah

who is elijah is an independently owned fragrance house, established in two-thousand and eighteen, rapidly growing and defying conventions ever since.

We are daring to be different and demanding attention by redefining the norm. who is elijah occupies a previous gap in the luxury parfum industry, built on cruelty free, gender fluid foundations and hand-filled in Sydney.

Our scents are ephemeral and monochromatic elements symbolise our clean-cut, modernist aesthetic. We embody quintessential minimalism. who is elijah eau de parfums blur the lines of masculinity and femininity. They demand to be worn by everybody, everywhere. Here’s to a collection that is growing and loved more and more with each spritz.

So who is elijah? Go ahead, spritz to reveal another layer. We dare you.


We believe in a cruelty-free world — it’s more humane to trial and test our fragrances on human bodies, not animals.

The art of the fragrance should be reminiscent of a favourite memory. In local connections and unearthing the best of local communities, cultures and creations.

A scent should intensify our passions, exaggerate our confidence and heighten our senses. Life is all about pleasure — live a life forged with fearlessness

Meet our maker

Raquel Bouris is the Founder and Creative Director of who is elijah parfum, an independent fragrance house established in two-thousand and eighteen, built on cruelty free foundations and based in Sydney, Australia.

Raquel has redefined the rule book and started a new chapter, changing the norm of the luxury fragrance world. Raquel was motivated to create gender-fluid scents, defying conventions and prioritised taking an ethical approach to fragrance and beauty. Inspired by clean lines and modernity, we are continuing to create a complete fragrance wardrobe. What was once an idea coined during Raquel's travels, has now created a seat at the table with some of the biggest names in the beauty industry.

Raquel believes that the art of fragrance should be reminiscent of our favourite memories. Our monochromatic and quintessential minimalism allows you to decide what memories they evoke.

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