Ethically Elijah

Ethically Elijah

Here at who is elijah, we believe that beautiful products should not compromise the earth or have ugly histories. We are committed to improving the status of our world, in creating a sustainable and responsible future. We are a sustainably suited fragrance house located in Sydney, Australia.

We start with the source, the ingredients of all of our fragrances, the oil & aroma is a hybrid blend of natural & synthetic materials (the good kind). They are all cruelty-free, vegan & when available we source locally #AustralianMade.

We hand-make everything. From filling the bottles & capping the lids to packing each box & delivering to your door (or office!). Oh, did we mention it’s all done right here in Sydney - carbon footprint, be gone!

All our packaging (labels, boxes, wrapping & more) is made from recycled cardboard or FSC Certified paper. If we didn’t tell you, you’d barely notice the difference but our planet thanks us. Where we can we are using 100% biodegradable void fill for our precious orders travelling near and far. We are constantly evolving and learning what we can do to improve our processes without compromising the quality and safety of our products in transit. We’re always working on improving our practices and striving to make a positive difference on the world each & every day, in everything we do. 

We have also signed an eco-alliance with our tissue paper company, Noissue. Our customised tissue paper does not compromise the planet, whilst looking completely on brand and chic. The Eco Alliance commits to planting trees for every order to combat deforestation due to the consumer industry. We receive weekly updates on the quantity of trees planted worldwide, this is something that we are so proud to be a part of. 30,000 and counting!

We like to think we’re responsible. Responsible for reducing, reusing & recycling. That’s why we’ve invested in an eau recycle programme. Simply pop your used eau bottles (50ml +) in the post back to us with your recycle order request & we’ll properly dispose of the bottle. To say thank you for supporting our sustainably suited business, we’ll gift you a $20 voucher towards your next eau purchase (hello $$ savings!). Good things come to those who care. 

We are currently in the process of creating body products and have started the conversation of developing re-fillable products to further contribute to a sustainable future and recycling program. We want our products to stand the test of time and be your forever signature scents.





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