Fragrance Family Life - A complete wardrobe of scents

Fragrance Family Life - A complete wardrobe of scents

Did you know...Fragrances have families too. 

If you take a peek at the fragrances in your wardrobe, we’ll bet the majority of them feature fragrance notes from the same family! Even MORE interestingly, you’ll probably find that you’ll wear one group of fragrances in the summer, and another in the winter. 

When we’re making our perfumes we’re SO AWARE of scent notes that are similar & complementary or grouped into a Fragrance Family.

It’s all about the language of scent. 


ZING! Crisp, clean and effervescent, fresh family scents remind us of newly cut grass, violet leaves & herbs like rosemary or mint. Thanks to the classic galbanum, many fresh & green fragrances are designed for a more formal affair, rather than a day in the office or at the beach. 


Smells like spring! Amalgamations of scents like orange blossom, gardenia, rose & lilac may come off as feminine & romantic, but when mixed into the perfect perfume cocktail, they’re beautiful, mature & some may say regal. 


Tropical OR sweet. A fruity cocktail that’ll leave you smelling AMAZING all day long. Ingredients we love are essences of apples, plums, pears & peaches, strawberries, raspberries...actually ALL kinds of berries. 


Spic-aaaay (and rich). Incense, amber, cinnamon & cloves are some of the most loved oriental scents. Also known as our exotic QUEENS, oriental aromas consist of resins, sweet musks and vanilla. They’re full of body & are the ultimate scent safari. 


The OLDEST fragrance family. From zesty lemons & mandarins to bergamot, grapefruit & tangy oranges. Citrus fragrance notes are often found in light, refreshing perfumes with a mix of floral, spicy & woody notes. 


A rainforest escape. A little more on the serious side of things, forged with confidence. For the grounded readers, this fragrance family is for you. Look out for cedar & pine, sandalwood and patchouli. 


Total classics. One of our go-to scents, bergamot, is practically a founding family member. Scents like patchouli & oak moss are made for those that mean B U S I N E S S.


Sexy, meet cool. Sweet spices, citrus & oriental woods make up this universal fragrance family. Many of the masculine scents we love are developed with a concoction of aromatic notes. The best feminine scents we know blend fresh, floral, wood & aromatic notes - SO APPEALING. 


Human-made with love. Aldehydes are synthetic chemical components that are often stirred (never shaken) in with Floral family notes to offer a sharper, metallicy, zing to the perfume. 

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