Match Your Scent & Your Libation - What to Spritz & Sip This Weekend

Match Your Scent & Your Libation - What to Spritz & Sip This Weekend


Love & passion. Classic & exocit. Cocktails & perfumes do have a lot in common. 

Your favourite libation could give us a pretty good insight to your signature scent...And vice versa! 

So, your tipple of choice is…  

Rosé, all day 

We feel you on this. Our current go-to is Bondi Rose, YUM! 

For our rose gals & guys, you’ll LOVE scents laced with pear, raspberry & creamy musk. 

Mojito mama 

Sweet, citrusy & reminiscent of palm trees & swim up cocktail bars. Fruity, tropical fragrances with a woody base note is your ultimate spritz. 

Caught in the rain

If you like piña coladas, no need to go on. Coconut, pineapple & a world of flirtatious tropical vibes. Your marrying fragrance is sweet, juicy & instantly transports you to the sands of Hawaii. 

Dark, stormy nights 

Oh yeah, we see you dark & stormy lovers. Bergamot, orange blossom & sweet smelling patchouli/amber blends are SO YOU. 

Bond, James

Vodka martinis, a classic. To all our party girls, mist your favourite floral fragrance. Rose, jasmine & cactus blossom will leave them wanting more. 

Porn star dress ups

Vanilla X passionfruit liquors for our bold, sexy & STRONG him & her. Another tropical cocktail MADE to be consumed wearing charming, smoothe fragrances, a concoction of salty vanilla & deep amber. 

I like my espresso in a martini

The oh so dominating aroma of coffee instantly fills the air with this choice libation. Your fragrance should be equally compelling. Think pink pepper, orange blossoms, honeyed peach & vanilla infusions. 

Drinks on us! 


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