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Mimosa Moments with our Maker

Good morning world. 

Pour yourself a cup of coffee, glass of juice or bowl of cereal & settle in for an insightful morning getting to know the girl-boss & all around QUEEN of who is elijah

Join me for a lightly-bubbled breakfast affair with Founder & Creative, Raquel Bouris. 

*First things first: Orders sparkling table water, 2x toasted vegan banana breads and….Mimosas! 

Hello Raquel! I’m so glad we found time to meet, I feel like I already know you from the Gram! Definitely keen to get to know you a little better over some mimosa moments! Your days seem SO BUSY, I’m glad we’re getting this in early! Tell us, what’s your go-to coffee order?

Hold the coffee and pass me a fresh juice (with a splash of bubbles this morning only!), please!

Okay, so, juice first then what? How does your day begin?

Mornings for me start with a big cuddle sesh with my baby boy, George. Then, after staying in bed for just a moment longer than I should, it’s (honestly) a bit of a rush around the house to get to the office/warehouse (we just moved into a new space!!!) and “officially” start my day with elijah.

I am working on this “routine” if you can call it that. My #2021goal is to be (or at least feel) less rushed! 

Being a total BOSS BABE sounds ah-mazing! Tell me one thing you LOVE about running your own business! 

It’s definitely a whirlwind and I am so SO glad I took a chance to live my dream.

My favourite aspect of having my very own business, brand & product line is the creativity! I’m a BIG ideas person, seriously! and I’m really lucky and grateful to be able to bring these to life exactly as I imagine them. 

I literally pinch myself daily thinking about the incredible team I have surrounded myself with - they are al AMAZING individuals!

Why perfume? Is that too basic of a question? I just mean, what made you fall in love with fragrances and want to create your own?

Does it sound cliche if I say it was just an idea that I had stuck in my mind and I couldn’t shake it?? Two and a half years later and I am SO glad I stuck with it! 

I know I’m not alone when I say, LOVE your vibe & style. Tell me your secrets! What’s your go-to look?

I love a classic. My wardrobe is filled with carefully selected black and white timeless pieces. I LOVE a good pair of business-meets-casual prints & a crisp white tee. 

This little breaky-date doesn’t count as work, but I wanna know...When you’re not working, what are you doing? Where would we find you (not that we’ll go looking!)

Hmmm, when I’m not working...I’m thinking about work ha! 

No, but really, I’m spending quality time with my hubby & son (with the occasional sneaky scroll on the Gram when they’re not looking!). 

And with that, our bubbly OJs are all sipped up, and I know I feel just a little bit closer to the DREAMBOAT Founder, Creative & Maker of who is elijah. 

Next time, cocktails & canapes on a Friday afternoon. That’s where I just know we’ll get Raquel to spill all her deepest, darkest secrets! Stay tuned for that!

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