Nothing but respect: Scents that go beyond gender

Nothing but respect: Scents that go beyond gender


For him & her who aren’t satisfied with the regular, it’s a tricky time navigating the world of fragrance.

Labelled as either a female perfume or male cologne, where do the scents that are inherently non-binary, that tell stories and rekindle old flames fit in?

Step aside candy-scented perfumes and leathery colognes. Meet us (somewhere) in the middle - Urban, elegant scents, a cocktail of citrus & vanilla meet cedarwood & leather,  like spending the whole day in an old boyfriend's hoodie (but smells even better!).

It’s 2020 and ‘break the mould’ is our MO. 

When we create our fragrances, we don’t think of a gender. We’re reminiscing a feeling, a moment, a memory and the scents that bind it to us - a quick spritz is the next best thing to actually being there! 

Play by your own rules and let your scent go beyond gender. Fragrances have the power to convey confidence and individuality. Find yourself a scent that snatches attention, appeals to your senses and desires. 

Unmistakably transformative, who is elijah unisex parfums blend masculinity and feminity, like the first dance at a wedding. An audacious bouquet of sophisticated notes including zesty citrus and floral blended with dry amber and musk exude irresistible confidence in any situation. 

We are unisex because we love modern femininity and modern masculinity. We curate experimental perfumes with complex blends, a masterful amalgamation of magnetic notes that are sexy, powerful, alluring, undeniably fun and smell amazing on anyone. 

Forget his or hers. Enter his and hers. 

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