Try before you buy - Perfume smells different on paper

Try before you buy - Perfume smells different on paper

Everybody is different, unique, special & 100% original.  

From your hair to your eyes to your height & skin type, there’s something characteristically special about all of us. 

So, here’s a secret. The fragrance you *test* in store on the little paper is going to smell a little different on you, on me, on your best friend & your boyfriend. Because we ALL have different skin!  

“Find a fragrance that loves you back” - Michael Donovan, Founder and Creative director of luxury perfume line, St. Giles. 

In scientific reasoning, it’s the pH levels of our skin that elicits a different reaction on every body. This totally explains why a fragrance may smell to-die-for on a friend or colleague, & like nothing at all on yourself. 

Tip - try using a shower wash & scrub that’s designed for sensitive skin. This’ll help balance your pH levels & keep them stable (and optimal). 

Diet (& hormones) is another trigger. When your diet is enhanced with herbs, spices & “edible perfumes”, this can effect how a fragrance sits on your skin & delivers its aroma. AND when it’s a certain time in the monthly cycle for our females in the audience, i.e. estrogen levels go bye-bye, your body may run a little warmer, sweat a little sooner & this can also change the scent of your perfume. 

Interestingly, this links to why we like certain fragrances & HATE others *see previous blog*. 

Boasting a combination or “normal” skin type? End read here. 

For those with dry skin, here are some pointers: 

You’ll want something strong & long lasting. Anything too light or delicate will soon disappear from your skin. 

Try applying your perfume onto moisturised (fragrance-free is best) skin. 


A little bit oily? Fragrance tips for you: 

Perfumes are typically made with ingredients that like to attach themselves to an oil (yay for you!). Your skin type will most likely hold the top notes of a fragrance for a long time. 

Fruity aromas (over sweet) are your go-to. 

Spritz lightly. Oily skin enhances the power of a fragrance.

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