Why cruelty free?

Why cruelty free?

who is elijah prides itself on creating through cruelty free foundations. Whilst we think it should be the ethical responsibility of all beauty brands to develop sustainable and cruelty free practices, it is not common.

Especially in the perfume industry, the exorbitant price tags are most probably hiding animal testing and animal-derived ingredients.

This is why we choose to use safe synthetics for some of our parfums. We think changing the rhetoric of surrounding synthetics is important, this is why we wanted to explain a few ingredients we use and why. 

For example, in our sophisticated and musky scent, MUSE, we use Ambergris and Musk. Traditionally, Musk is the most commonly used raw material in perfume and its derived from a musk deer. It was a cruel process and is now abolished, thank goodness! However, ambergris, a wax like substance from sperm whales is still used by many perfume companies. This also drives the hefty price tags. This is why we choose to use synthetics because we don’t believe that any beauty product should have a cruel history.

We choose to use local ingredients where possible and will always test on human bodies. Next time you are picking out a signature scent and it has an exorbitant price tag or doesn’t disclose that they’re vegan, have a look at the ingredients and I can guarantee that you’ll be shocked.

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