A moment is so easily forgotten in a fast-paced world, but a fragrance or a smell can take you right back, allowing you to revisit those precious moments in life.

Who Is Elijah fragrances are inspired by and aim to capture life’s best memories and moments in a bottle.

Our wholesale partners at WHO IS ELIJAH are a part of a community that values quality, luxury, and a commitment to excellence, and we are here to support and collaborate along each partner’s journey.

While providing a luxury fragrance, we aim to defy luxury conventions.

We are exclusive but always inclusive, with our mission to remain a forever accessible luxury fragrance brand.

So, Here is what you can expect from us:

Premium Fragrances: Immerse your customers in the world of WHO IS ELIJAH with our premium, accessible, Australian-made, genderless, cruelty-free, safe, and sustainable fragrances. Each scent is a masterpiece designed to capture life's best memories and moments in a bottle. But we want the wearer to create their own story. We aim for every spritz of WHO IS ELIHAH to feel like they are looking through a photo album and be brought right back to those moments.

Visual Merchandising Tools: Have access to an array of curated and versatile points-of-sale material such as shelf display units, shelf talkers, posters, and spotlight units to merchandise the range effectively and efficiently. All display materials have been designed specifically for you and the customer, with a focus on increasing brand awareness and presence in store, converting shoppers to customers, increasing instore visibility, and providing an overall excellent shopping experience.

Educational Support: Be provided with educational tools such as the Brand DNA and Quick Sell Guide to empower yourself and your team members to drive sales. Tell the story behind the brand to create rapport with customers, and train and retain your customers with quick and punchy information provided on each product to create loyalty to the brand, increase the likelihood of a purchase, and build long-term relationships.

Exclusive Offers: Enjoy exclusive offers and promotions around key seasonal periods or product launches, as well as free-of-charge (FOC) incentives to drive overall revenue.

Flexible Ordering: Benefit from our flexible ordering system, which allows you to tailor your inventory based on demand, order in advance, or fast-track shipments to improve responsiveness, prevent loss of sales, and improve customer satisfaction.